Melanie “Fast Momma” Snow

Many of the women I’ve written about have discussed their fathers having a strong influence in their decision to become race car drivers. Melanie Snow is not an anomaly; her grandfather was a Porsche club driver and got her interested. It will be Melanie’s children who will become the anomaly. She’s a mom, an instructor, … Continue reading Melanie “Fast Momma” Snow

Genevra Delphine Mudge: All of the Firsts

There are some firsts that seem insignificant. Genevra Delphine Mudge (what a name!) is the very first recorded female driver. She first obtained a drivers license in 1898 in the State of New York. The first working design of an automobile had only happened approximately five years before. In 1899 there were 2,500 motor vehicles … Continue reading Genevra Delphine Mudge: All of the Firsts