Updates Like Whoa!

It’s been one of those past months where every time you think things have calmed down – something else is announced. INDYCAR fans have an off-season where the silly season bubbles up a bit in October/November and then some more in January. This season it feels like it never calmed down! We had a huge … Continue reading Updates Like Whoa!

Kohler Grand Prix: Worth the Traffic

If you drive from Indianapolis, Indiana to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, you either drive through Chicago or you spend hours and hours on back roads. We left with plenty of time on Thursday, leaving Indianapolis at approximately 12:45pm, which meant we would arrive in the Chicago traffic zone sometime around 2pm (their time). As soon as … Continue reading Kohler Grand Prix: Worth the Traffic

DCR …at least it’s not TBA anymore

It feels like DCR has been in the news a lot in the past month, I suppose a TBA will do that to you. I don’t want to put a theme in any team’s mouth, but I think DCR should be “hey let’s pretend 2017 didn’t happen” because in 2017 they’re senior driver had a helluva crash and their Rookie of the Year skipped on over to another team.