S4E31 – Schedules, Engines, and Silly Season It may be an off week from races but that doesn’t mean we’ve got an off week from excitement! We lay out opinions on the 2021 Schedule (1:48); engine announcements (12:28); team announcements about partnerships (14:58) and even some silly season (19:45)!   Past episodes, show notes, and blog entries can be found on … Continue reading S4E31 – Schedules, Engines, and Silly Season

Take it on Two Wheels (MotoAmerica 2020 Review)

A piece of Indianapolis Motor Speedway history that many don’t know is that while it’s known for INDYCAR, the first race at the Speedway was a motorcycle race. Held in August of 1909 and sanctioned by the Federation of American Motorcyclists, the two-day event was the very first competitive event at the track. We had … Continue reading Take it on Two Wheels (MotoAmerica 2020 Review)

Slippery When Wet (MidOhio 2020 Review)

You can choose many themes for 2020. For the NTT INDYCAR season, it’s going to be “Double-Headers”. Given the upheavel in everyone’s lives, the series determined that multiple races would be turned into double-header weekend spectacles. This past weekend, the series had another double-header at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Much like prior double-headers, fans … Continue reading Slippery When Wet (MidOhio 2020 Review)

O-H-2-0 [20]: A Preview of the Honda 200 at Mid Ohio a.k.a. Will Scott Dixon Win

The race was moved to August because of the Olympics. Then they canceled the Olympics. It was then moved again due to the 500 Schedule kerflulffle. Then it was a double header, then it was canceled. Then, at the last minute: resurrection. Even with fans. Mid Ohio: you’re always so extra. In one short day … Continue reading O-H-2-0 [20]: A Preview of the Honda 200 at Mid Ohio a.k.a. Will Scott Dixon Win

A Tale of Two Races (Bommarito 500 Review)

We as fans received the opportunity to watch INDYCAR in person. We got a weekend with two completely different races at the same racetrack. Worldwide Technology Raceway Park asked us to socially distance and to wear masks. I’ll say that as far as compliance goes, it was great. I’d put it at only 5% of … Continue reading A Tale of Two Races (Bommarito 500 Review)

We’re Seeing Cars (Bommarito 500 Preview)

It’s a completely different race weekend at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway. Okay first we have to talk about the name…too long. Given the schedule mishaps of the 2020 season this was quickly turned into a double-header. Then after being a night race for the past three years, both races are in the middle … Continue reading We’re Seeing Cars (Bommarito 500 Preview)

S4E23 – Race Report Indianapolis 500 We run down all 33 Drivers from the 104th Running of the Indy 500 discussing who had great days and who had bad days. We also touch on all the questionable calls, crazy crashes, and cars on fire. Plus you know to expect a lot of opinions on everything! If you enjoyed this please subscribe, … Continue reading S4E23 – Race Report Indianapolis 500

It’s What We All Need (2020 Indy 500 Preview)

We have been waiting for this. For months when the season first started, and then additional months when it was moved from May to August. We switched from saying “Is it May Yet” to “Is it August Yet”, and yes some of us used that as a password (not anymore, work makes me switch my … Continue reading It’s What We All Need (2020 Indy 500 Preview)