All 8 Hours (an Indianapolis 8 Hours Preview)

A different style of racing happens at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend as it hosts the season finale for the Intercontinental GT Challenge (the Indianapolis 8 Hours or as I call it – 8 Hours at the Brickyard). The racing this weekend will include the largest field in the GT Challenge with 41 drivers, and will be a multi-class weekend as the Fanatec GT World Challenge finishes their season with 13 cars competing.

GT cars or Grand Turing/Grand Tourer cars are sports cars that are designed for high speed and long-distance. While I strongly believe my 2008 Honda Civic would qualify under that definition, it would be woefully outclassed both in speed and fanciness. These are the sports cars that should be able to have no issues cruising at high speeds, handle all types of roads, and most curious: be able to transport two people and luggage (with room to spare). Additionally, they are front engine with rear-wheel drive. I think the most interesting requirement is that the car designed for the race must be based upon the mass-produced road cars that are being built and sold at the time of the car’s creation.

If you’re needing people to cheer for this weekend, you can cheer for the current leader Audi with 43 points, or the underdog Lamborghini at 8 points. There’s also the 2020 champion: Porsche. If you’re wanting to cheer for people with INDYCAR ties, you’re in luck! There are five drivers with some times to INDYCAR racing this weekend:

  • Conor Daly – #98 BMW with Random Vandals Racing (GT4)
  • Callum Illott – #71 Ferrari with AF Corse Francorchamps Motors (GT3)
  • Pippa Mann – #7 Porsche GT3 with NolaSport with OGH (GT3)
  • Jack Hawksworth – #68 Toyota with GR Smooge Racing (GT4)
  • Connor De Phillippi – #96 BMW with Turner Motorsports (GT3)

Friday is a practice day. Tomorrow (Saturday) there’s pre-qualifying from 8:30-10:00 am, then three qualifying sessions between 2:00-3:00. The final event of the day is the Pole Shootout with the top 15 drivers from 4:20-4:35. And Sunday? That’s race day from 10:00-6:00 pm.

We’ll be there! Keep an eye here and on our other social media for pictures and updates!