Take it on Two Wheels (MotoAmerica 2020 Review)

A piece of Indianapolis Motor Speedway history that many don’t know is that while it’s known for INDYCAR, the first race at the Speedway was a motorcycle race. Held in August of 1909 and sanctioned by the Federation of American Motorcyclists, the two-day event was the very first competitive event at the track. We had motorcycles at the track back in 2009 with Moto GP there until 2015. Then this year MotoAmerica, which I was told is completely different than Moto GP, took their spin on the track.

So what is MotoAmerica? I don’t know. It’s a sanctioning body? There are five different categories of motorcycles. They use the road course at IMS and go the opposite direction of other road course races. My sister did some great research prior to us spending the day at the track, and she was able to tell which category was which. What do I know? They were fast and used the track.

My sister and I up in the Penthouse

So we spent the day at the track on Saturday enjoining the bikes. I will say the energy of the crowd was quite different than INDYCAR. For INDYCAR races we’re on our feet for the first lap, no one was. A good pass gets a lot of applause…didn’t happen. Just a very weird energy. Perhaps it was because of the limited tickets allowed. Though, my sister did indicate that the local news didn’t cover the event. Perhaps some publicity and a general “hey here’s what this is” would have helped.

Here’s hoping they come back next year! In the meantime, some more photos from the weekend!