Ranking Face Masks (2020)

Masks are the new livery. As we work through the novel-corona-virus public health emergency we all have to wear masks. Sure you can go straight plain medical looking route, or you can get creative. After five straight races of interviews behind masks, I decided to rank some masks. Legit me taking photos from the NBC stream of the two Iowa races. It’s out of 5-stars and it’s subjective as HELL. Feel free to add your own comments! There’s an album up on our Facebook here.

Alexander Rossi 

4 out of 5. Points for sponsorship logos and a lot of color. Balaclavas are great as they’re a little roomier and lighter than regular masks. They also are a lot easier to fit over your nose! They’re not the best for containing the spread, but it’s a mask so no points lost (I mean he’s not going to just sneeze on people while wearing them).

Colton Herta

3 out of 5. Sponsorship logo, but no color save the little emblem all Andretti Autosport drivers have. Also it’s a giant logo plus additional text, too busy. It was not fitted properly and kept falling down while he talked. Slip a little nose piece in there.

Conor Daly 

2 out of 5. No sponsorship logo, which I do feel is wasted space. There’s the team logo down on the bottom, which is sometimes unreadable depending on the angles. I like that it’s the Carlin blue. It’s also the nicer formed masks, probably gives a little room up front. However, it’s not sized well, in other photos his poor ears were sticking out.

Felix Rosenqvist (all CGR teams)

4 out of 5. Sure there is no sponsorship logo, and it’s not easy to see the team logo…but this mask is full of personality! There’s debate if this wasn’t chosen by the Dixon girls and so all the drivers now wear them. Fitted to his mouth, but I think all of INDYCAR could take a moment to learn how to adjust mask straps. Ya’ll come find me typically I’ve got some sewing notions on me.

Graham Rahal

5 out of 5. Sponsorship logo! Team logo! Fitted properly! CHECKERED PATTERN! It’s more muted, but as someone with a black and white checkered mask the white checks can get dirty and on sweaty drivers…not a great idea. It’s unique and when it comes up on the tv there’s always a moment to study the mask. Great job RLLR!

Jack Harvey

4 out of 5. A ton of sponsorship logos, including their colors. It appears to be fitted properly. Harvey drives a pink car…why not a mask to match? We have a lot of teams scared of color.

Josef Newgarden 

1 out of 5. What are we doing? Basic black. Small team logo. Mask straps are too short. Finally it looks super basic design. Team Penske can’t afford a better looking mask?

Michael Andretti

4 out of 5. I appreciate the team logo right in the middle of the mask. It does appear to be oddly too big and is bunching (but that could be the angle). It gets a bonus point for hiding the stream of curse words coming out of Michael’s mouth when RHR hit the wall, in nearly the same spot, in both races.

Oliver Askew 

3 out of 5. I understand that AMSP doesn’t have big main sponsors like other drivers, so the team logo is understandable. The position of the logo is nice. But dear god why always black? What about papaya or blue (since Oliver’s car has the blue accessories). Looks like it fits well.

Pato O’Ward 

1 out of 5. I mean…there’s nothing on this mask but the little breathing apparatus. At least he’s wearing a mask.


4 out of 5. The sponsor logo placement with him wearing his logo hat looks really sharp. Plus, DHL is a brightly colored logo. Also I am digging the faint pleating in the front of the mask, gives a little room over the nose and mouth. Advanced sewing right there!

Rinus VeeKay

3 out of 4. Team logo, good placement. Material seems a bit clingy so in the long run won’t be as comfortable. Would have really preferred a sponsorship logo, especially with Rinus in the Sonomax car, or at least not black.

Simon Pagenaud 

2 out of 4. Basic black. There is the Menards logo, and I do enjoy the placement. Mask straps are too short. Again super basic design of the mask.

Tony Kanaan

4 out of 5. So with it being #TKLastLap I think forgoing a sponsorship logo is acceptable. There’s no team logo, but I’m not as upset about that not being on the mask. I’m digging the stars and stripes theme, interesting it’s just in black and white. Nicely fitted on the face, straps may be too short.

Will Power

1 out of 5. Same as Josef. Super basic, small team logo. But instead of black it’s white and that mask will not survive a race weekend without needing bleach.