S3E43 – All of the Lights & All of the Hoosiers


It’s happened, Molly’s dream of an all-Hoosier line up is in the Ed Carpenter Car #20. The INDYCAR Silly Season continues to provide twist and turns including Conor’s new ride and what’s this we hear about Kimball going to AJ Foyt Racing (remember TK, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger). It’s also time for the annual review of the IMS Lights (19:55) and a discussion of what other motorsports do as far as driver associations (32:12) because…well the silly season. We end with a reminder about the Racers Know Dave Dusick event and the annual “you should be an organ donor” speech. 

Don’t forget we’re raising money for the Dave Dusick Foundation at the Racers Know Dave Dusick event on December 12, 2019 6-11p at the IMS. It’s a kicking party and also some money is raised! To buy tickets for the event head to Racers Know Dave Dusick 

More details including ways you can help if you’re unable to attend will be on the Foundation’s social Media (Twitter and Facebook) and our social media as well! (Twitter and Facebook). We hope you all can show up!