S3E1 – Got 99 Problems, but this Podcast Ain’t One

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  1. News
  2. St. Petersburg Preview 18:20
  3. Woman of the Week – Generva Mudge 38:41
  4. Shit We Didn’t Make Up – Bump Day / Pole Day change 43:34


All the news that’s fit to discuss including the LED Panels, Alonso doing a throwback/tribute for the 500 and two more confirmed entries for the 500 (Mann with Clausen-Marshall and Karem with DRR). That’s thirty-two entries, we’re looking at bumping.

Also Sky Sports for INDYCAR fans in the United Kingdom.

In non-INDYCAR news, Conor’s driving Super Trefeo this season. It reminds me of trefoil. ALSO the all-female sports car team with Heinricher racing was denied automatic entry into LeMans and they’re 9th on the waiting list. Straight stupid!

St. Petersburg Preview

The season starts off on the Streets of St. Pete. A 1.8 mile temporary street course the drivers will take 100 laps and go 198 miles. Last year it was Sebastian Bourdais for back-to-back wins, this year: who knows.

Our Picks


  • First: Rosenqvist
  • Top 5: Rossi
  • Top 10: Pagenaud
  • First Out: Sato


  • First: Pagenaud
  • Top 5: Bourdais
  • Top 10: Rahal
  • First Out: Sato

Drinking Game

  • LED Panels stop working – finish your drink
  • “This is Marco’s year”
  • Robin Miller captures any of HSR during his ‘grid run’
  • New Livery or Sponsors are shown or mentioned
  • The “Blue Flag” game

Season Long Drinking Game

(we’ll be adding to this as the season continues)

  • The phrase “turning it around” is used for AJ Foyt Racing
  • Alonso is mentioned at a Non-Indy500 race (finish your drink if he gets mentioned after the Indy)
  • We see someone else in a checkered outfit

Woman of the Week –  Generva Delphine Mudge

She is the first recorded female driver. There’s a longer write up on her HERE.

Shit We Didn’t Make Up – Bump Day/Pole Day Change 

So the new format takes Bump Day and Pole Day and turns it into … Qualifying Weekend? I suppose it’s Lock In Day and Bump and Pole Day (which sounds like a sex act). Saturday everyone will have one guaranteed attempt and spots 10-30 are locked in, if the driver lands in one of those spots their qualification is over. Sunday is the Fast 9 Shootout and the Race to the Bottom (they’re calling it the Last Row Shootout). Fast Nine is as it has always been, everyone gets one shot. The new addition is the Last Row Shootout, everyone left vying for the final three shots has one additional attempt…just one. Like Eminem says, you only have one shot.

If you didn’t expect there to be an Eminem gif, have you even been listening to our podcast!?

Then there’s practice later in the day on Sunday because it’s hard for people to make it to Monday practice. But they’re still having Monday practice.

We’re going to have to adjust the drinking game

Indy 500 Qualification Drinking Game

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