S2E58 – Gamble on INDYCAR Races not Protection

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Warm Up the Tires

  1. News
  2. INDYCAR Safety (9:59)
  3. The 2019 Race Discussion (18:33)
  4. Woman of the Week: Jackie Heinricher (47:29)
  5. Shit We Didn’t Make Up: All-Female Teams (50:52)


We try not and go back to all the news that happened during our slew of interviews, and Daytona, so instead a few newish pieces of news are discussed: Mark Miles indicated the series is still looking at some fly-away races to start the season (obviously not this year) and INDYCAR introduced the Advanced Frontal Protection.

INDYCAR Safety  (9:59)

So just after we recorded (naturally), INDYCAR released a new safety aspect for the 2019 Season. The Advanced Frontal Protection (aka the Nubbin’). A 3-inch tall, 0.75-inch side titanium nub that will sit on the centerline of the chassis just in front of the cockpit. The purpose is to deflect debris away from the driver. We’ve only seen one picture … and that’s about it. It’ll be tested in April and debuted in May and we’re just not sure because WE DON’T HAVE ANY DATA!

Meanwhile, the Windscreen project isn’t scrapped, it’s just on pause. After being tested at ISM and IMS, it moved to some more internal testing and something must have happened because it’s not being rolled out for 2019 like it was first discussed. We don’t know what the problems were, but best guesses are either a load-bearing test or a stress test. In the tests by the drivers, some distortion was noted and some ventilation issues.

2019 INDYCAR Race Discussion (18:33)

Because we ran long last episode (you can catch that episode HERE), we decided to take a stroll through all of the races and give our opinions and let you know where we’ll be. Don’t worry – we have a webpage that lets you know and you can find that HERE.

Seriously, holler if you see us at a race. We just love saying “hi” and talking INDYCAR with anyone who will listen. Anyone. Who. Will Listen.

Woman of the Week  – Jackie Heinricher (47:29)

Our Woman of the Week is Jackie Heinricher. A smart as hell woman who is behind the MSR all-female team currently in the WEC GTD class. She has a cool racing resume and an even cooler professional life. Molly recently did a write up about here and you can read a full blog about Jackie HERE.

Shit We Didn’t Make UpAll Female Teams (50:52)

We love a good theme and so we end the episode discussing all of the all-female teams that have been in racing. The earliest we could find is the 1957 team of Denise McCluggage and Ruth Levy for the Venezuelan Grand Prix. There are also the Ring Free Oil Motor Maids who raced in the Rolex 24 and the 12 Hours of Sebring in the late 60s and early 70s (and yes Janet Gutherie was part of that group). We also mention the Speed Sisters of Palestine who were our Women of the Week back a few episodes (catch that episode HERE). It is Le Mans though that has a spectacular twenty-three all-female teams in total including two class wins. 1974 with Christine Beckers (Belgium); Marie Laurent (France); Yvette Fontaine (Belgium); and 1975 with Christine Dacremont (France); Michele Mouton (France); Marianne Hoepfner (France).

We’re ending Season 2 and all ready looking at Season 3 because we love this, we love all of you listening, and we just love fast cars!