MSR: Harvey is King of Nerds!

Jack Harvey is a huge nerd. I can say that I am a huge nerd. We’re also both Ravenclaws so you can just accept you are inferiority (I’m that big of a nerd I sorted the founders of the IMS into the four Hogwarts Houses – you can read that HERE). He also is genuinely a great guy. I’m very excited the Meyer Shank Racing program has added four other races for the 2019 season and that Harvey is racing for them.



Harvey started racing for MSR back in 2017 with an entry in the Indianapolis 500 in connection with Andretti Autosport (he finished 31st). Harvey separated from MSR and participated in the final two races of the season for Schmidt Peterson Motorsport. It was a fortuitous action for in 2018 MSR partnered with SPM and had Harvey as their driver. It’s a partnership for the technical aspect, as the MSR team is based out of Ohio and not Indianapolis (you’re missing tax breaks).


2018 was the first year of the partnership, and to say it was a challenging year. I think the biggest marker for the first year would be the Indianapolis 500. Attending the Last Row Party, I was surprised for Jack Harvey to be there, as the SPM/MSR car and team had been fairly sound going into the race. Not dismayed by his starting position Harvey jumped up fifteen spots to end the Indianapolis 500 in sixteenth place. He finished the 2018 season twenty-fourth overall.


For 2019 MSR announced they’ll be adding four additional races to their line up, bring the total up to ten. (It will be COTA, Barber, the Indy Grand Prix and Road America). Meanwhile, Harvey has been posting videos of his work out and quite honestly they are the scariest videos I’ve ever watched.


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