Chip Ganassi Racing: Dueling Teammates

What am I supposed to write about Chip Ganassi Racing except us the goat emoji like fourteen times. Humble and perennial podium finisher Scott Dixon may say he’s not a GOAT, but honestly, he is. 2018 was a banner year for the team, clinching the Championship. 2019 looks to be another great year as impressive Rookie Felix Rosenqvist will join the team in the #10 car.


What can you say about Scott Dixon that hasn’t already been said? The man dominated 2018 (almost dominated, I mean my favourite driver was right up there too!). He won the championship. Outside of that, he failed to finish in the Top 10 only twice, and of his Top 10 finishes – only two were not Top 5. Scott does Scott things and wins races. He also gets movies made about him (you can read that review HERE).


New in 2019 for the team is Felix Rosenqvist. He’s got a racing resume that may rival Scott’s in a few years. In eleven years of racing, he finished in the Top 3 fourteen times. Now that math doesn’t add up until you realize that in those eleven years, he raced in approximately twenty-five different series. He did a stint in Indy Lights in 2016 and won one of the races in St. Petersburg and both races in Toronto. Oh, he’s also done Le Mans and the Rolex 24.

“The time was right to get him in the No. 10 car and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we are confident about what he can do behind the wheel next season.”

(Chip Ganassi on Felix –

I think Rosenqvist may challenge Dixon. I credit the decision of Chip (and probably one of my favorite people in the paddock – Mike Hull) of hiring this outstanding rookie. A good partner in a team is going to push Dixon, and I know that Dixon will also push his teammate. This is going to be a fun team to watch. I don’t want to call the Rookie of the Year yet because, we have a fantastic lineup of Rookies, but Rosenqvist is going to be super fun to watch.

This entire team is going to be fun to watch. They have a great guy leading it. We had an opportunity to chat with Chip at the Born Racer premier, and he is a character! Then the team has Mike Hull, or as I now call him: INDYCAR Yoda. We’ve had the fantastic opportunity to sit and talk with him two times now for the podcast. Ever time, the two of us will sit somewhere and just absorb everything he said. If you want to listen to those interviews you can find them HERE and HERE.

No one ever disregards CGR, and probably no one ever will.

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