S2E51 – Just Excited for Cars on Track

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Warm Up the Tires 

  1. News 
  2. Silly Season 14:00
  3. Woman of the Week – The Speed Sisters 33:59
  4. Shit we Didn’t Make Up – Warning Lights 36:53


The hopes of a nation hang upon Josef Newgarden and Ryan Hunter-Reay to represent us in the Race of Champions in two weeks in Mexico. They represented us last year and …okay the guys didn’t do that great. But they’re cool guys and they’ll represent us well.

Additionally this past weekend, as we recorded, was the Roar Before the 24. The mandatory testing event prior to the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. After the Roar, the official list of drivers will be released, and we can make our t-shirts!

Silly Season

We spent a good amount of time running down the list of taken and open seats for the 2019 season and guessing about the Indianapolis 500. If all the one-offs from last year are filled, we could have upwards of forty cars attempting the 500. Again – prepare for bump day, everyone.

Woman of the Week  The Speed Sisters of Palestine 

The Speed Sisters of Palestine are the all-female racing team from Palestine. The group was formed in 2009 with funding help from the British consultant. The women race in the ad hoc street circuits around Palestine and have strong support from both their fellow male drivers and fans (which, being honest, a lot of female drivers here in the US do not have).

Aside from their gender, the women have issues just in driving. The area of Palestine involves multiple checkpoints where you have to have special identifications to get into different areas. Your car has to have special licenses. And by the way, we take regular streetcars for granted, but in Palestine they’re not as plentiful.

Shit We Didn’t Make Up 

In 1935, as part of a safety initiative from then owner Eddie Rickenbacker, the IMS became the first track to install flashing safety lights. At the time, it was two lights (with of course help from Presto-Lite) that would flash. The lights have evolved; as had all safety requirements, to now where on many oval tracks have vertical light bars mounted on the poles of catch fences that flash.

Oh – also in 1935 drivers were mandated to wear helmets. Who knew they had to mandate that.

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