Sabre Cook: She Is Awesome

Race day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, even the support races for the INDYCAR Grand Prix, are a mixture of excitement, controlled chaos, an ungodly amount of people (some who know where they are going and some who do not), and race cars and race car drivers. This past INDYCAR Grand Prix I found myself in the infield camping near Road Course Turn 1 (Oval Turn 4) with some friends drinking and chatting about race weekend when the USF2000 cars started to lineup for one of their races. Knowing one of those drivers was going to be interviewed the next day I started to scour the cars until I saw the name Cook and then furious waving and jumping until she recognized myself and Abby.

That was the first time we saw Sabre Cook in person. Following our interview in April and then before the INDYCAR Nation crowd, it’s clear that Sabre is a complete package of a driver ready for an opportunity.

This past season Sabre has raced in three different types of racing disciplines: USF2000, Formula 4, and Porsche GTE. She is such a cerebral driver and takes issues and challenges in stride and adapts when she recognizes them (which she readily does). While talking with her recently she discussed the challenges of her USF2000 season. The lack of time in the car, as I’ve mentioned before that’s a big need when it comes to building a strong season. Since her USF2000 team (Team Benik) also had a Formula 4 team, Cook raced both in the New Jersey and the Circuit of the America’s race. Despite some unlucky qualification, during the race at COTA she was awarded the Hard Charger award. She advanced twenty-five positions, that’s Alexander Rossi level advancement. This came after the practice was wet, the qualifications were semi-dry, and the race was on a dry track.

As many open wheel racers, Sabre’s career started in Karting where she was the six time Colorado State Champion, the Semi-Pro Stock Moto champion in the 2012 Superkarts USA S2…to name just a few things. She was also the won the SKUSA Mountain Region title and represented the USA in the Bruno Grana International Trophy.

Cook isn’t just a race car driver. What I find even more impressive is she’s taking the time to get a college degree, obtaining a degree in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Of course I just said the most impressive thing is that she obtained a college degree in engineering, but what happened at COTA is even more impressive. Starting Tuesday of the F1 race week Sabre took part in the INFINITI Engineering Academy. It was a mix between defending a thesis (the participants had multiple mock media and interviews), taking tests, and what I’ve decided was CSI Race Car. Also CSI Race Car would be an amazing series, I’d be here for cheesy actors being overdramatic about substances found in car filters. On Thursday, she won the INFINITI Engineering Academy 2018 USA Winner.

 It’s understated how prestigious of an award this is. There are seven people across the world that received this award. It’s not an award; it’s a full year’s internship in London. She’ll be spending six months working with Renault engineering and six months with INFINITI engineering. I don’t know what will happen at the end of the year, but I am sure the information gained will be invaluable to her!

 Okay I don’t know what I’m doing in this picture except the normal “I can’t act properly in photos”.
Okay I don’t know what I’m doing in this picture except the normal “I can’t act properly in photos”.

She’s a great driver and smart. Plus she can handle herself in an interview. I don’t often tout my background as a litigator because I keep my professions separated (until an INDYCAR team hires me as their lawyer…). I spent years questioning people both as my witnesses and in a very pointed and heated cross-examination, it does take a lot to impress me. Too funny and I think you’re hiding from answers, to cagey and I know you’re hiding from answers, and if you give me a route answer – I’ll keep questioning you till I get the right answer. Sabre is a great person to interview, she has well thought out answers and is engaging.

She hinted at the possibility of racing in Europe, part of what she’s waiting on is to see what’s happening with the W-Series. In our latest interview with her towards the end we askd her about the W-Series and she provided the perspective of that female racer who doesn’t have the sponsorship backing others would. It’s a perspective I didn’t have and I appreciated that from her.

Look she’s going to be your favorite driver soon – you should follow her on Social Media!

Twitter: @Sabre_Cook

Interview: SabreCook

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