Australian Drivers will Defeat You

Australia, the mysterious land where it seems like all living things are either going to kill you.  In the case of racecar drivers: beat you at every race. Molly Taylor definitely will beat you at everything! She was born into racing, rally racing. Her father Mark was a former Australian Championship driver. Her mother Carol was a four-time Australian Rally Champion co-driver. What I love about her parents is that her mother has a Wikipedia page, and her father does not.

Taylor started racing in 2006, and in her first year she won the New South Wales Rally Championship and named the New South Wales Young Achiever, an award which encourage and promotes the positive achievements of youth in New South Wales.  The next two years (2007 and 2008) she won the F16 class, the 2WD small car class, in the Australian Rally Championship.

She made the leap from Australian racing into the wider world stage in 2008. She competed in the Suzuki Swift World Cup, this was a smaller and by all accounts cheaper motorsports series to allow individuals to start down the path without having to front up large amounts of money.

You have to be talented, obviously, but it’s not the kind of sport where, say, the fastest runner will win the race, whether they’ve got nice clothes or not. In motorsport, you have to have the talent but, also, you have to have the money.

In 2008 Taylor won three out of six races and named the British Ladies Rally Champion that year. She became the first woman outside of the United Kingdom to win the title. While she continued to compete in Rally’s across the world, in 2009 and 2010 that Taylor was named to the Australian Motor Sport Foundation International Rising Star Program. In 2011 she competed in the World Rally Championship and followed it two years later by competing in the FIA European Championship. She was named the FIA European Rally Championship Ladies Champion.

Nine years after Taylor started her racing career she started a two-year streak of completely kicking ass. In 2015 she competed in the Australian Rally. She didn’t just compete though; she was on the podium every round and finished second overall. She became the first woman to win a heat in the Australian Rally and the first woman to win the National Capital Rally in Canberra. I learned that the capital of Australia is Canberra and not Sydney.

In 2016, Molly Taylor won the Australian Rally Championship. She became the first woman to win and the youngest. She is also the first female to be inducted to the Australian Motor Sports Foundation.

Some rumors surround Taylor that she’s the number one choice to drive in a Supercar team in Australia, but she’s sticking to Rally driving right now.

In rally driving, you’re always going by the seat of your pants. In circuit racing, you know down to the microsecond what you should be doing. We’re winging it a lot more. There’s a lot less control . . .You are doing every corner effectively for the first time. Listening to the co-driver, trusting the notes that you’ve written – but then we don’t know specifically the braking point for every corner. You have your pace notes, which is a description of how fast you think the road is, but when you get there…

Find Molly on Twitter: @MollyRally

Photo by PhotoPum RanaRoja on Unsplash


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