Welcome to Fast Cars Fast Girls! A podcast where INDYCAR (and other forms of racing) is discussed by two women who love the sport and love talking about it. You can catch our podcast on any podcast site (head over to Subscribe and get set up!) or on our host site Fast Cars Fast Girls on Podbean. While you’re here head on over to our Races and Recaps page to learn about each race. Also take a gander over to Molly’s Blog where she tackles various topics regarding INDYCAR, women in racing, and of course recaps of all of the races. Don’t hesitate to shoot us a note (Contact page), or find us on all types of Social Media.

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Fast Cars Fast Girls:

“Passionate and fun!” -Doug Boles

“They’re the ‘Bob & Tom’ of INDYCAR.”

“The girls put together a podcast that is informative AND entertaining.”

“I don’t even like racing and I like their podcast!”

“Finally! An INDYCAR podcast with a personality!”

“I love your colorful, honest take on INDYCAR that comes from a true fans’ perspective.”

“Fun, lighthearted, yet incredibly knowledgeable INDYCAR chat.”

“I almost dropped weights on my face because I was laughing so hard while listening at the gym!”

“Hilarious and informative!”

“It’s so great for my daughters to see that there are other women out there who love racing, too.”

“It’s just not a day at the track if you ladies aren’t here!”

“Best podcast you can ever hear done by women for all racing fans: you get information and humor.”

“Love these two … thank you for all that you’re doing.”

“Love this podcast! Great info and they present it in a way that’s easy to understand even for a casual fan. Truly a podcast for fans, by fans.”